Install a Hydropure drinking water filter with activated carbon next to your Hydro@Home water softener or under your kitchen sink and never buy bottled water again. Hydropure removes odor, color and unpleasant tastes. This makes your drinking water extra tasty, but also your coffee, tea and other preparations. And this for a long time without replacing expensive, environmentally unfriendly filter cartridges.

  • Tasty, filtered water
  • Ecological: 100% recyclable, no electricity consumption
  • Compact
  • Save on bottled water*
  • Long lifespan**
  • Under the kitchen tap: full flow, no extra tap needed in the kitchen
  • Immediately after the water meter: tasty, filtered water in the entire house

* Daily need for drinking : 30 ml / kg of body weight / day = avg. 2 liter / person / day
** 3 liter of activated carbon purifies in average 3000 m³ of tap water

Technical specifications

Dimensions281 mm (h) x 188 mm (w)


No more bottled water!
Install a drinking water filter next to your water softener!

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