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Save up to 650 € per year (*) with a water softener !

Energy saving
  • According to figures from the Belgian national institute of statistics (Statbel), it appears that an average family spends 419 € per year on the production of hot water. This is similar in many other countries.

    By preventing limescale build-up in the hot water appliances, a family can save 15% (63 €) on the energy costs of hot water. Electric water heaters and gas boilers work more efficiently and their lifespan is extended with a water softener.

Replacement of appliances
  • Replacing heating elements and pipes of dishwashers and washing machines, replacing taps, shower heads, pipes and hot water appliances costs an average family 200 euros per year. By using softened water, less maintenance is required and your hot water appliances will have a longer lifespan.

    You save about 200 € annually and enjoy your appliances and installation for much longer.

  • Soft water is also good for your clothes and household linen. Clean textiles at a lower washing temperature, soft fabrics with less or without fabric softener, longer vibrant colors, these are all benefits of a water softener.

    On an annual average expenditure of 1.182 € per family for clothing and household textiles, up to 15% (177 €) can be saved simply because it wears less quickly.

Detergents and soap products
  • A family consumes an average of 420 € per year in soap products and detergents: 234 €  for body care + 186 € for cleaning and maintenance products.

    Without lime in the water, fewer products are needed for cleaning sanitary facilities and maintaining appliances and installations. Skin and hair feel softer, you use less soap and shampoo. Your laundry will be equally clean at lower temperatures and with less detergent or fabric softener.

    The use of detergents and soap products is reduced by 50%, resulting in an annual saving of 210 euros.

Conclusion: you save up to 650 euros per year
  • All in all, an average family saves about 650 € per year by using a water softener. And with the price increases since the research, this has already rather become 750 €. So not only good for the environment, but also very good for your wallet.

(*) Source: Aqua Belgica, the Belgian federation for water treatment. Calculated on the basis of figures (for an average family) from the belgian national institute for statistics (Stabel) and an independent study by the Battelle Memorial Institute USA (2009).