You want or need additional protection for your sanitary installation or you would like to improve the quality of the drinking water from the tap? This is possible with our filter systems.

With a Hydroclean sediment filter you stop the impurities from the tap water, for example sediment particles that could end up in the pipes of the public water distribution during maintenance work.

Or do you want better and tasty drinking water from the tap by removing, for example, the chlorine and organic molecules? Our Hydropure drinking water filter with activated carbon filtration takes care of this.

The Hydro@Home filter systems fit perfectly with the Hydrosoft water softeners and work just like these without electricity. This drastically reduces your ecological footprint. Discover the benefits of our full range below.

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Our range of filters

In the  section filter systems you can see how you can add protection to your sanitary installation with a Hydroclean dirt filter or how you can have tasty and pure drinking water from the tap with a Hydropure drinking water filter.

  • Filters pay for themselves. Dirt filters (sediment filters) protect your water softener and other appliances against dirt particles that can sometimes occur in the tap water, for example after maintenance works have been carried out in the public distribution network by the water company. These will therefore last longer and you avoid any repair costs.
  •  With a drinking water filter, you no longer need bottled water. Tap water: after all, it is much cheaper than bottled water. To give you an idea: if you drink one liter of tap water every day, you will save about 200 euros per year.
  •  Drinking tap water is not only cheaper, nowadays it is even fashionable and trendy. The many reusable water bottles that you see popping up everywhere are the witnesses of this.
  • But tap water can certainly gain even more popularity. For example, it is much more sustainable than bottled mineral water because it is delivered to your home without packaging. Bottling and transporting water has a high environmental cost, which you can easily avoid. As well as the mountain of waste.
  • In many countries, you don’t have to worry about the quality: tap water is at least as safe as bottled water. In Belgium for example, tap water is checked on no fewer than 67 points. You can therefore be sure that tap water does not contain any harmful substances and that you cannot get sick from it. And if you are not sure about this or this is less the case in your country, don’t hesitate to ask for advice to a water treatment specialist : in many cases, there is a solution to make your tap water better.

Our tips for the tastiest tap water

Then of course there is the taste of tap water. If you are used to drinking bottled water, you may fear that it will not suit you. Don’t let that prejudice hold you back, because tap water can be really tasty.

Do you want to make your tap water even tastier? Then the installation of a water softener combined with a Hydropure is definitely recommended. Water where the limescale has been filtered out has a softer taste than hard tap water. The Hydropure filter with activated carbon removes all unpleasant tastes and odors from the tap water.

This makes your drinking water extra tasty, but also your coffee, tea and other preparations. And this for a long time without replacing expensive, environmentally unfriendly filter cartridges.

Feel free to take a look below, but our specialists will be happy to advise you on the most suitable choice for your specific situation.

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Why choose Hydro@Home?

Fits your home. Fits every home.

Small is beautiful

  • Small appliances with great performance
  • Fit in the smallest spaces

No electricity

  • No energy consumption
  • Easy installation without a power socket
  • Especially safe

Made in Belgium

  • High quality water softeners and filters, 100% produced in Belgium
  • Local sourcing and production ensures a smaller ecological footprint
  • Hydro@Home is a range of Delta Water Engineering