Fits your home. Fits every home.

The working principle of a Hydro@Home water softener ?

The Delta Hydro@Home water softeners work on the basis of ion exchange. This is done with the help of resins, which retain the dissolved hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) and so removes them from the water.

In the water softener, the tap water is sent through a resin tank, where the calcium and magnesium ions in the water (which cause the limescale deposit) are replaced by harmless sodium ions. This process is called ion exchange. When the resin is saturated with limescale ions, it is renewed again and again by rinsing the resin column with a brine solution. Through the same process of ion exchange, the stored calcium and magnesium is flushed to the drain. This process is called regeneration and is done automatically by the device.

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Why choose for Hydro@Home?

Fits your home. Fits every home.

100% volumetric operation

  • The water softener adapts to your family situation

Finer resins and large capacity

  • Unique patented technology
  • Large capacity with limited resin volume

Economic & ecological

  • Low water consumption, 18 liters per regeneration
  • Low salt consumption, 300 grams per regeneration
  • No electricity consumption

Small is beautiful

  • Compact appliances with great performance
  • Fit in the smallest spaces

No electricity

  • No energy consumption
  • Easy installation without a power socket
  • Especially safe

Made in Belgium

  • High quality water softeners and filters, 100% produced in Belgium
  • Local sourcing and production ensures a smaller ecological footprint
  • Hydro@Home is a brand of Delta Water Engineering

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