About us – Hydro@Home is produced by Delta Water Engineering in Antwerp, part of Pollet Water Group, a leading company in the water treatment sector. This Belgian group has over 1.500 employees spread over 40 companies and 25 countries. Pollet Water Group companies are dedicated to developing solutions that improve the quality of water and enable a more efficient use of water. We are committed to offering intelligent and user-friendly products that purify the water in your homes, schools, buildings, factories, businesses, hospitals, … By applying the most advanced technologies, we take up the biggest challenge of our time: water. Discover the benefits of soft water and the Hydro@Home domestic range!


Made in Europe
Made in Belgium

The innovative Hydro@Home water softeners and filters are truly Belgian – European products. Not only because developer and manufacturer Delta Water Engineering is a renowned Belgian company, but also because the production takes place in collaboration with the non-profit sheltered workshop De Brug from Mortsel (near Antwerp, in Belgium). The Hydro@Home water softeners are distributed from the factory across the world through local dealers and distributors. The production and distribution of Hydro@Home water softeners is therefore a story of opportunities for the local economy. And there are countless benefits associated with it!

Local production
with social employment

Hydro@Home is produced locally at the sheltered workshop De Brug in Mortsel (near Antwerp, in Belgium). This non-profit company is specialized in offering tailor-made workshop services and provides meaningful work to 320 people for whom it is difficult to find a place in the regular labor market.

Thanks to the production, assembly, testing, packaging and logistics in close collaboration with De Brug, Hydro@Home water softeners and filters remain a unique local product and we can guarantee that all our products are of top quality. Each step of the production process is closely monitored to ensure the correct functioning of our products.

Local production:
only advantages

The local development and production only has advantages.

    • High quality materials: not only are the components of our water softeners exceptionally durable, the softening capacity of our resins is also unmatched. And with local production under our own management, we retain full control over quality. By the way, each device is individually tested before it leaves the factory.
    • Fast service: thanks to the proximity of our production site and the distribution through local distributors and dealers, we as a producer know the local markets and have a very quick respons time. This way you benefit from a transparent and fast service.
    • Ecological benefits: the components of our products don’t have to come from the other side of the world, as production, sourcing and assembly are centralised as much as possible on a regional level. They also work very economically and without electricity.
    • Local and social employment: Production of Hydro@Home water softeners is locally concentrated and this within Europe. In this way we contribute to the local economy. We also have an eye for social employment.
    • Products adapted to the local market needs: manufacturer Delta Water Engineering has the right know-how and resources to keep Research & Development in-house, which is crucial. Although the Hydro@Home water softeners and filters are a real success formula, we continue to look for ways to improve our products every day.


In short, with Hydro@Home water softeners and filters you get a unique European-Belgian product. Would you also like to enjoy soft and pure water without any worries? Then choose Hydro@Home.

Delta Water Engineering, the manufacturer of Hydro@Home, is a member of the Belgian professional association of water treatment companies Aqua Belgica.

Members of Aqua Belgica are obliged to respect the federation’s code of conduct. According to this deontological code, they must:

  • respect the legislation and the rules of art specific to the profession.
  • refrain from any unauthorized and unfair competition, refrain from any deceptive commercial practice.
  • only sell and install products and appliances that meet the needs of the user and the community.


The code of conduct is binding for all members of Aqua Belgica in their professional and commercial activities, both on Belgian territory and abroad.

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