Useful tips to really thoroughly wash your fruit and vegetables

Nothing is as healthy as fresh fruits and vegetables… provided you wash them thoroughly, of course. Thanks to our tips, you will not only remove all dirt, but also bacteria, pesticides and fungi.

Wash vegetables before use

In principle, you should always wash vegetables and fruit under running water. It is best to do this just before eating them or incorporating them into a dish. Washing first and then storing is not a good idea as they will rot faster.

Are you planning to peel a piece of fruit? Even then it is wise to wash it first. If an unwashed skin touches the inside of the fruit, it can still become contaminated.

Water and baking soda against pesticides

Washing vegetables and fruit is not only necessary to remove any soil residue and other dirt. Even if they look spotless, a wash is recommended. Unless they are organically grown, most fruits and vegetables contain numerous toxins from pesticides.

Washing your fruits and vegetables under running water will remove the dirt and bacteria, but not always all the pesticides. To get rid of that too, soak the vegetable or fruit in a bath containing a solution of one teaspoon of baking soda in one and a half liters of water. After about fifteen minutes you can rinse and use the vegetables or fruit. This method removes about 95 percent of all pesticides.

Is there a risk of mold? Then soak your fruits or vegetables in a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water.

Tip: install a water softener

Do you often wash vegetables and fruit in your kitchen? Then you can quickly suffer from stubborn limescale on your taps and countertops. Would you rather avoid this? Install a water softener and this problem will go away immediately. Moreover, you suddenly enjoy the many other benefits of soft water.

Also have a water softener installed? Contact us quickly for more information.

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